A selection of reviews and emails about Aurora:

"Aurora's so well realised that its connection to the 60's space opera seems almost incidental... A fully CGI production, young creator Tim Vining used Poser and Cinema 4D to create the 3D universe Aurora explores. The result is an atmospheric animation with great pacing, beautiful visuals and some cracking voice acting from the Vining family and friends."–TechRadar

"A beautifully written and crafted story, Star Trek: Aurora is an original animated film created by Tim Vining. Set in the Star Trek universe in the year 2270 (just after the events of the original series), the story follows the experiences of a pair of female interstellar merchants, rather than the traditional Starfleet personnel. Experiences that turn out to be just as tumultuous, and dangerous, as anything a Starfleet crew has encountered. Perhaps, even more so. Prepare for some goodness."–Action Video

"[An] engaging story and characters which can appeal to fans as well as non-fans; a sense of adventure and danger that the original series hinted at. As a classic 'Star Trek' fan myself, I liked seeing a group of Andorians pass by in the second segment, and seeing a bit more of the civilians we usually saw as background characters in classic series stories such as 'Operation: Annihilate!', 'Devil in the Dark' and so on. Too, a 'thumbs-up' has to be given to Mr. Vining for having his two primary leads females...strong females that are not only sexy, but intelligent and independent."–Mania.com

"I know I’ve e-mailed you in the past, but I just wanted to drop you another note, saying just how freaking awesome I think Aurora Trek is. I look forward to each new release, and the new digital stills are awesome...I mention your site at every sci-fi convention I appear at. Keep up the great work."–Charles E. Root Jr., "Scotty" from Phase II/New Voyages (name used by permission)

"The movie I would have made, if I had the time and the talent."–Geoffrey James, producer/director, Borg War

"I was blown away. I knew from the still images available on the website that the computer generated animation appeared incredible. I had no idea it would look even better in motion."–Barbara Reader, Star Trek Reviewed

"...Aurora...gives the viewer the look and feel of an authentic Star Trek film."–H. Wolfgang Porter, VideoMaker Magazine

"This is an excellent beginning for a new series. The characters and situations were well developed, and the story itself is an interesting one."–Orion Press

"It was beautiful work...I loved your film and I wish the very best for you in completing the following episodes....I give it five stars."–Linda B.

"When I first saw this little Star Trek skit I almost didn't watch it. But I'm glad I did. Amazing! I love it and think I would watch it if it was a series on TV. Very nicely done. Can't wait for future episodes. Great job–keep up the awesome writing!!!"–Shane N.

"Aurora stands as a complete work in its own right, with difficult, adult themes–not brutal or salacious. Aurora shows a worthy regard for the canon, but strikes out in a welcome direction...Art direction, sets, costumes, SFX, are all imaginative without being weird. Your attention to detail both visual and aural is terrific...the creative intangibles; writing, directing, acting–impressive. I was riveted to the screen. I am amazed that this is essentially a one-man project! Kudos to Jeannette for her dual role. I was completely unaware she did both parts. Please thank her for her performance."–Radford P.

"I’m a big fan of Star Trek “fan films”. Yours is certainly of exceptionally high quality–a unique, original story beautifully realized. Thank you for taking the time to make Star Trek Aurora and share it with fans across the web. Your time, effort, and talent are very much appreciated."–Dr. Mike O., Ph.D.

"I was told to take a look by a friend who knew I was into this sort of thing and in all honesty this is the best [animated production by] an individual I've ever seen, period. The storyline, characters, posing, animating, effects and on and on are all first rate. Splendid work and I am confident you'll be doing this in a major motion picture in the not so distant future."–David M.

"What mostly stood out to me was the more mature storyline Aurora has...a quality, grown up version of Star Trek, while still keeping Star Trek elements. Well done, and thank you for making such a cool, mature little movie."–Luke

"I just wanted to let you know that this is FANTASTIC! Wow. I'm just blown away. This is great!"–Cher P.

"I am a decades-long Trekkie, and now lover of Fan Films for the past 5 years, and was extremely impressed by the depth and freshness of your Star Trek series."–Paul

"If Star Trek still had this much moxie and this much heart, it'd still be on the air."– Joel G.

"I liked it so much I forced my cynical brother-in-law to watch it. He is NOT a fan-fiction kind-of-guy and it took bribes and blackmail to make him do so. When it was done, he asked that if I should send an email to pass on [that] he considers Kara saying "That explains a lot...." to her first mate in reference to the Vulcan mating rituals (in Part 2) as his #1 favorite Star Trek quote of all time...–Shane S.

"Your animation, texturing and lighting are superb, and the set design too, which is very rare indeed...it was also a surprise to listen to the professional audio..."–Roman B.

"I'm VERY impressed by the quality and the originality, especially in such an established fictional universe. Like you I think, I've always been interested in the wider population of the Federation, rather than just Starfleet.  The tough lives of the people living and operating in the same areas as Starfleet but without heavily armoured starships to run back to. I think there's incredible scope for a new series that doesn't focus on Starfleet or the military, so I hope Aurora is given the recognition it deserves. Also, I love the music in the first episode.  I am a songwriter too and want to congratulate you on a first rate piece of music that fits the atmosphere perfectly."–Gavin W.

"...such a fine work."–Holly

Thanks to all of you for writing!–Tim


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